Thassos Sailing Course


The course is intended for people who have motorboat operator certificate and own or intend to purchase a sailing boat, learn how to sail and to carry out all the necessary procedures for their sailing boat.

Your skipper’s name is Predrag Zebić, he is 61 years old, and this is his fourth sailing boat.

The Thassos Sailing course lasts 5 days on the Rebell 7.58 x 2.5m boat. You will be learning on a mid-size sailing boat affordable by an average boating fan. The season lasts from 25 June to 15 September. Choose the dates that suit you best. You can also choose the people in whose company you will learn to sail (friends, couples, and married couples).

Course Programme:

.Tying and untying the boat
.Departure from and arrival to the marina
.Lowering and raising the permanent anchor with buoy at the marina
.Lowering and raising the temporary anchor
.Freeing a stuck anchor
.Selecting the right anchor for the type of bottom
.Tying a cleat hitch
.Tying the boat, 5 to 10 necessary knots
.Raising the sail, reefing to the first and second reef points, lowering and stowing the sail
.Raising the Spinnaker, lowering and stowing
.Maneuvering under power
.Reading the nautical chart
.Setting the sailing course using nautical triangles, keeping the boat on course using a compass, calculating the distance in miles and calculating the duration of trip in hours

Day 1 and Day 2:

Sailing from the marina Skala Sotiras, via Neas Peramos, Kavala, Limenas, and back to Skala Sotiras; Overnight stay at the house in Sotiras; The house is located at about 400m above sea level, guaranteeing peace and quiet. Home-made meals: breakfast and dinner at the house, lunch on the boat, while sailing or when anchored.

Day 3:

Sailing around Thassos; Anchoring at the opposite, east side of the island, Three meals and overnight stay aboard the sailing boat.

Day 4:

Setting off from the point of anchor, sailing the somewhat stronger winds off the east coast of the island of Thasos; Journey back to the Skala Sotiras; Two meals on board, dinner at Sotiras.

Day 5:

Every course participant independently shows what they have learnt; Whole day sailing on the course of your choice; Two meals on board the sailboat, dinner and drinks with bouzouki in Maries; Overnight stay in Sotiras.

Summer is getting closer, applications are in progress. Contact phone number: +381621120560