“2Wheels”- Moto Rent

Ready to explore Thassos?

Welcome to the „2Wheels“ motorcycle rental!

„2Wheels“ offer the unique possibility to rent a quad/ATV or scooter, for your freedom to explore Thassos how you want and when you want.


„2Wheels“ quads have quickly become the vehicle of choice for off-road adventurers. The 4-wheeled workhorses offer a variety of benefits, from outdoor fun and adventure to convenience, economy and reliability. Whatever your needs are, „2Wheels“ has the right quad for you.


„2Wheels“  motorcycles  are lightweight, off-road bikes with a rugged frame, special tires and capable suspension for navigation across all terrains in any weather. They are used with an emphasis on agility and maneuverability, which makes riding dirt bikes an exciting hobby or an extreme sport.

Create your own memories and adventures with a quad rental from „2Wheels“!

Contact „2Wheels“ today with your requirements and they will let you know the best options for your preferred location.