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Tavernaki is a family restaurant that has within a relatively short period of time managed to win the hearts of many guests with its originality, charm and a unique blend of different types of cuisine.


Tavernaki Limenas

Tavernaki Menu

It is settled on the most famous Platia in the center of Limenas and with the various odors from the kitchen it attracts people from all four sides of the city. Seafood, various meats, risotto, pasta and fresh vegetables decorate tables of Tavernaki every day and elicit a smile and sighs of satisfaction.

From love out of food, the biography of the restaurant is being written successfully, therefore, we get a combination of tradition, simplicity and new technologies in food preparation, and as always new visual surprises.

Tavernaki Limenas Thassosing with S&J

Tavernaki lunch

Through authentic offer of traditional Greek specialties and the same type of environment, the owner Kosta together with his team shows you the images and mixes the tastes of the past and future, tradition and avant-garde. 

You’ll ask yourself perhaps whether you are lost in the museum, but what you will come to discover is the magical world in which you found yourself. The smile will stubbornly remain on your face, and you will most certainly remember why you chose to eat here.

Tavernaki Limenas Thassosing with S&J

Tavernaki friends

You have the feeling that you came to a large family that simply loves what it does.

We certainly enjoyed it, now it’s your turn.

Tavernaki reservations:
Phone: +30 2593 023181
Address: Π.Βαγη 7
Limenas, Thassos