Thassos is a beautiful island and Aliki is its best known and arguably most photogenic feature.


It is a peninsula attached to the coast by a thin petal with beaches on both sides. The eastern side is emptyish, which the western is crowded by around 10 tavernas offering traditional Greek and international dishes. Between the beaches lies an olive tree grove and organized archaeological sites.

A path leads around the peninsula and several criss-cross it. Going counter-clockwise, you first overlook the western 2bay, often with dotted by sail and tourist boats, and then the ancient, show-white marble quarry which made Thassos famous throughout the classical era. The site is marked, with billboards explaining what you see.

From above, a large are of marble just underwater shows how much of the stone was harvested and shipped off centuries ago to cities, including Athens and Rome.

At the peak of the peninsula, the remains of two 16-century-old churches, which were built on the remains of pre-Christian temples, can be visited.

If you view Thassos as a clock, Aliki is at around 5, some 30 kilometres from Limenas and 15 from Limenaria.


Alyki is paradise for diving and snorkelling. The approach is steep but well built. There however is no parking, so you will have to leave your car on the shoulder of the main road going around the island, often quite far.

Text written by Boris Babic