Simi restaurant


Have you ever returned from Thassos feeling sad, because you have to wait for a change of three seasons, to again feel the taste of salt on your skin, the smell of pine trees, the sun which unreservedly offers warmth, even when you think the day has definitely come to an end?

Did you take with you memories of the magical flavors and aromas which present only on this island?
If you did, you’ll want to relive the experience.  If you didnt, do it.

A pleasant and memorable wisit with the restaurant Symi will help you with that.
This restaurant is an must for every tourist and stands for gastronomic hedonism with a view. Ideally integrated into the center of the old port of Thassos, restaurant is a timeless place. One can enjoy beautiful sunsets from a lovely Simi restaurant garden.

Specialties  made in Symi  are well known to tourists, who make the trip from elsewhere in Thassos for delicious dishes emerging  from their kitchen.

 In 1952, Andrea, the grandfather, started a tradition that his descedants nurtured to present day. In the same place, three generations maintained quality, combining traditional Greek specialities with novelties that the 21st century brings.

Their kitchen prepares fresh fish, seafood, soups, meat, delicious desserts. Top quality local and foreign wines are served and all that, in the period from April to October.


For us they  prepared spaghetti with seafood.

The Chef didnt divulge all the secrets, because he builds his culinary artistry on them.


– 4 Shrimps
-10 Oysters
-Small Octopus
-Tomato sauce
-Onion and garlic
-A bit of white wine

Fry the onion and garlic on olive oil, add the seafood, wine and spices. Pour tomato sauce and cook for another 5 minutes. Pour over boiled spaghetti with sauce and garnish with parsley.

Bon appetite!


Informations and reservations :
Simi resturant
Limenas, Thassos
+3025930 22517