Big circle

I first visited Thassos on a student vacation in 1993. A decade later, I moved in permanently. Today I’m a Thassian, with a child born here and with several businesses I run, alone and with my husband. How have I found myself here? I think it couldn’t have gone any other way!
Already on my first holiday, I got an offer to work, in the disco/club Just in Time. For a student from Nis, a not so flourishing city in the time of wars in the former Yugoslavia and sanctions against Serbia, any additional income was more than welcomed. Particularly as work was also fun. Anyway, it all went down well enough for me to get an offer to work again the following summer. And the one after that. One of those summers I held a job at the Hard Rock café, which the older visitors may remember.
After my third summer in Thassos, I thought I should try out another place, a bigger place. The search for a life better than the one on offer in Serbia at the time took me to Cyprus. I spent seven years there. It wasn’t bad, but I was discontented. On top of that, all that time I remained connected to Thassos and one man from Limenas.
After moving to the island, I started working with him. The Aqua Bar is our business. I proudly believe our café contributed to the livening of the whole street along the town beach.
As much as summers turn into a blur of days and people, the remaining nine, even 10 months pass slowly in a placeas small and as isolated as Limenas. It took getting used to and using it, for business projects and entertainment and self-care. When I don’t work, I work out. I recently completed a half-marathon in Drama, in northern Greece.
Training, I also became acquainted with the best that Thassos offers – its fantastic nature. I like to run along a path through the forest near the town. To climb up the mountain until I reach some fibne vantage poiont on the sea far below. To return home physically drained and ready for the challenge to remain creative on my own, without the driving pressure that people are under in cities on the mainland.
Often, when I look around Limenas, so small and so dear, I reflect how I traveled for a long time, from that first vacation and easygoing jobbing/partying  in a disco, but only crossed some 300 meters on the other side of the town!
Then I look at my son, without a care in the world, happy and safe in Limenas, and then I am also happy to be here.