Little road informer

The northernmost Greek island in the Aegean and overall, Thassos is easily accessible by car, bus or plane, with a short ferry ride at the end. Ferries shuttle passengers and vehicles from Kavala (75 minutes, to Prinos) and Keramoti (35 minutes, a far more more frequent line, to Limenas). Both ports, set around 50 kilometers apart, are on the E90 highway, the main east-west route in northern Greece.

Keramoti is around 850 kilometers away from Belgrade, with all but around 40 kilometers in Serbia and 30 in Macedonia highway. There is toll in all three countries. The segment from the Macedonia-Greece border is also either highway or very fast, lightly frequented road , so the trip from the Serbian capital should not take more than eight hours, not counting stops for rest or borders – which do become major bottlenecks in one or another direction, depending on which way the tourist surge flows. The trip through Bulgaria is slightly shorter, but takes slightly longer to complete, on average.

For those flying, a fast bus line links Keramoti with the Thessaloniki airport, 210 kilometers west. Arrival by plane is also possible through the much closer Kavala airport, which is actually in Keramoti.

Limenas is the island capital. The other ferry port, Prinos, is around 20 kilometres to the west. Other bigger places, going from Limenas clockwise, are Panagia, Potamia, Potos, Limenaria, Skala Marion, Skala Sotiras, Prinos and Rachoni. Most towns on the coast have the prefix “skala” and have namesakes in the mountain.

There are other villages and settlements, as well as isolated resorts, beaches and sightseeing spots strewn along the very solid and well-kept road going 105 kilometers around Thassos.

The mountain villages – Thassos is basically a mountain ridge, peaking at 1,205 meters in the east – are a fairly recent addition to the tourist offer. Most were until a few years back virtually untouched by the summer frenzy which sees the population on the island swell from the wintertime 15,000 to more than 10 times as many.