Amateur astronomy is a hobby drawing a growing number of starry sky lovers. The first organization of astronomy enthusiasts in Kavala was formed in 2010 with the SFAM – Friends of Astronomy Club of East Macedonia. Under their wing, an astrocamp was launched high up Thassos’ highest peak, Ypsario. At an altitude of 950 meters, the sky is incredibly clear, with a southward look, away from city lights on the mainland, offers a stunning view of the Milky Way and galaxies. The camp is a great opportunity for getting in touch with the world of astronomical observation.
The daytime programme is drawn so it pulls in the interest of entire families, with various recreational activities unrelated to astronomy, such as archery, hiking and paintball. Lectures on contemporary ecological issues are available. After the arrival of the summer night, various telescopes are put to use for observation of the Moon, stars, globular clusters and much more.
More than 80 astronomers and fans gathered on Thassos in July 2009 for the first camp,which also marked the International Year of Astronomy. Over the next five years, more than 1,500 amateurs and seasoned astronomers enjoyed the Thassian night sky.
The Astrocamp combines the sky with the natural environment, offering a handful of enjoyable days in the greenery and nights under an impressive carpet of stars.