Marta Medeiros “Do not forget to be happy”

Dies slowly he who does not travel,
who does not read,
who does not listen to music,
who finds no charm in himself.
Dies slowly he who destroys his love,
who does not even try.
Dies slowly he who transforms himself to a slave of habit,
repeating every day on the same path,
who does not change routine,
who does not risk to wear a new color,
or who does not talk to strangers.
Dies slowly he who avoids passion
and the whirl of emotions,
the ones that rescue the gleam in their eyes
and their deteriorated hearts.
Dies slowly he who does not change his life when he is dissatisfied with his work or his love,
Who does not risk security for the uncertainty,
to go after a dream,
who are not allowed, at least once in their life, flee from sensible advice …
Live today!
Make today!
Risk it today!
Do not let yourself die slowly!
Do not forget to be happy!