Giola, natural lagoon

Giola is a beautiful natural lagoon, a pool carved into the cliffs.

Water in the pool is warmer than the sea, which makes it pleasant to swim, and it is also a great place to dive.

This pool is called Aphrodite’s Tears and according to the legend, Zeus created this beauty so that Afrodita would swim in it. According to the second legend, the pool represents the Zeus, with whom he oversaw his mistress.

We started our Giola adventure around 7 in the morning, so that on return we could visit several other interesting sites.

It’s about an hour’s drive from Limenas, whichever direction you take. The road through Skala Potamia goes along seaside cliffs and is curvier, so, though by 10 kilometres shorter, it takes about as long as when you go counterclockwise, through Prinos. That direction is on flat ground and allows faster driving.

From Limenas, pass Prinos, Limenaria, Potos and the Astris beach. Five kilometres beyond Astris, and you must pay attention, you will see a sign to a dirt road leading to Giola. The rough dirt road is not intended for standard cars and it is best to leave yours on an improvised parking lot and hike the rest of the way.

The road leads through olive groves and, depending on your conditioning, you reach Giola about 10 minutes. The standpoint from above provides a beautiful view of the sea.

The pool is surrounded by a sloping stone wall. The unique appearance attracts a multitude of tourists and challenges to an adventurers. The bravest dive from the highest points for a must-take photo. The less bold cam always sunbathe on the flat rock surrounding Giola. 

The brave part of our team!

Model of our team!

My role as an observer!

Not far from the pool, there is a restaurant where you can refresh yourself and enjoy the view of the sea.

Just the four of us (Draganče, Aleksandra, Seka & Jessie)